Ole hadash*- up to 10 years in Israel and up to 67 years old
Returning citizen*- up to 2 years in Israel and up to 67 years old
* regulatins of Misrad Haklita

Approval – to work with us free of charge you need to be approved by Misrad Haklita.

Procedure to start working with us

Filling a form that you will get through the email or filling it though the phone
We will send it to Misrad Haklita for approval and usually few days later we can schedule a meeting

Free services that you can get

The services are define by Misrad Haklita only
For 16 March you can get
• Up to 30 business and marketing consulting hours 5 hours for every one –the rest for customers with business( Osek Patur, Osek Murshe or Israeli LTD company)
• Cheap workshops – the workshops invitation will send to your email by Mati Holon


The services will be in English or Hebrew